Welcome to Cloud 9 BaaS (Backup as a Service)

Cloud 9 BaaS is our latest creation
and it allows you to do the following:

  • Provide an automated, Air Gap (Offsite) backup of ALL Servers, PCs, Microsoft 365 Data to your customers!
  • Install a .exe and walk away, the rest is COMPLETELY automated.
  • Reduce costs for recovery/reload of your modalities. No more driving to a site to reload a CR/DR PC.
  • Protect against Ransomware and other virus attacks. This is the #1 issue facing YOU and YOUR customers.
  • Allow your end-users to obtain Cyber Insurance because of our service.
  • Bare-Metal backup/restore. Completely start over from scratch with the use of a USB/DVD to start the process.
  • File and folder level backup/restore.
  • Automated recovery testing every month or bi-monthly as required.
  • Automated email reports of various statuses of the backup.
  • 2 Factor authentication to ensure security.
  • AES encryption of all data both in transit and at rest.